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Let's Talk About the New Opportunities for Lithium Batteries


While the lead-acid battery industry experienced an unprecedented reorganization, is seen as "future energy" of the lithium battery plate has emerged a new opportunity.


For some personage, due to the environmental characteristics of lithium batteries, the current lead-acid battery industry consolidation will re-open the lithium battery imagination. Although in a very long period of time, lead-acid batteries will continue to go hand in hand with the lithium battery, but the former industry consolidation and reshuffle will inevitably bring a short period of time to the relevant business impact, and lead the battery industry a new round of structural adjustment The During this period, more environmentally friendly lithium battery there is a certain alternative opportunities.


On the other hand, lithium batteries are also facing opportunities from the Japanese earthquake after the industrial transfer. It is reported that Japan's lithium battery industry has been in the forefront of the world, the global market share of more than 50%, but the earthquake seriously affected the operation of the battery industry chain. Industry sources expect that due to the relationship between the Japanese earthquake, in the middle and lower reaches of the lithium battery or will be about 4% -7% of the annual production capacity gap, this part of the gap is expected in China and South Korea, some of the sufficient capacity to be added manufacturers.


Japanese media had previously reported that Panasonic has decided to put more lithium battery production from Japan to China. By 2012, the company will invest 200-300 billion yen for the construction of a new plant and upgrade facility in China. According to the plan, by 2015, Panasonic in China, the proportion of the amount of batteries produced will be increased to 50%. At present, the company 80% -90% of lithium batteries are still produced in Japan, the rest in China.


As one of the important materials of the battery, the global aluminum foil production capacity in Japan after the earthquake also appeared a large gap. Recently, Japan's two major aluminum foil enterprises have to seek cooperation partners in China, which became the current Japanese battery industry chain to China to accelerate the transfer of another signal.

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