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Li Battery or Li-ion Battery?


In fact, lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries are two entirely different things, whether in the industry or in the customs laws--They have nothing in common with the work principle, composition, structure, and application.The only thing in common is that the material contains lithium.

Li Battery:  Lithium battery anode material is manganese dioxide or thionyl chloride and the negative is lithium.Although theoretically it can be recharged, the cycle performance is very poor--In the charge and discharge cycle, the lithium battery is easy to form lithium dendrites, which can lead to short circuit inside the battery,So in general, lithium batteries are strictly forbidden to charge and are used only as a disposable battery (such as button batteries for computer BIOS).The lithium battery belongs to the primary battery under item 85.06, and shall be listed under the tariff number 8506.5000.

Li-ion Battery: In order to solve the charging problem of the lithium battery, the lithium ion battery came into being. The cathode materials of lithium ion batteries are lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide. The negative electrode is mainly graphite.As a rechargeable battery (it is widely used in the power supply of electronic products),The lithium ion battery can be reused, so it belongs to the storage battery under item 85.07, and shall be listed in the tariff number 8507.6000.

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