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Lifepo4(LFP) Battery Is Used More and More Widely


A&S Power offers a variety of LFP (LiFePO4) cells for battery packs including both cylindrical and prismatic cells.  Either type of cell can be used for assembly of Lithium iron phosphate battery packs depending on the form factor and the capacity requirements for the particular application. These cells offer several outstanding advantages including an enhanced number of charge cycles (up to 2,000 cycles!).

Lithium iron phosphate(lifepo4) battery is used as the cathode materials of lithium-ion battery which is called lithium iron phosphate battery. There are many cathode materials, mainly are lithium cobalt oxide(LiCoO2),lithium-manganese oxide(LiMn2o4),lithium-nickel Oxide(LiNiO2),Li(NiCoMn)O2 and Lifepo4 etc. Currently, most of manufacturers in lithium ion battery adopt LiCoO2, but due to advantage in safety, life-span and cost for Lifepo4, some prefer the latter to develop their projects.

Our representative cylindrical cell is  26650 3.2v 3200mAh lifepo4 battery cell. Some of our representative prismatic cells are Aluminum case rechargeable 3.2v 10Ah--50Ah lifepo4 battery cell and 3.2V 40Ah--200Ah(as your request) rechargeable lifepo4 battery cell with ABS plastic. They usually are used for Golf-Cart, power energy,Electric Bus, Solar Street lamp,solar energy storage, E-bike and E-Vehicle. And as our customers requirements(dimension,capacity, voltage,discharge current and application), the lifepo4 battery packs are made of the different capacity 3.2 Voltage  lifepo4 battery cells. Especially, Most of customers purchase the 12 voltage series and 24 voltage series lifepo4 battery pack with BMS. And our rechargeable 12 voltage and 24 voltage series lifepo4 battery with ABS plastic outside are widely sold in Germany, Australia, Italy, Austria,Russia, Ukraine and Brazil and so on. Of course, many customers are customized the lifepo4 battery packs depending on the different application. During made the many lithium iron phosphate battery pack, many of customers advise a lot of comments, so we make the good quality lifepo4 battery pack and good service. In a word, this is a trusted OEM rechargeable lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery and  lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer in China.

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