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Lithium Polymer Battery


A&S Power Technology Co.,Ltd,A Manufacturer and exporter specializing in the production of lithium polymer batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and solar batteries.Polymer lithium battery is a kind of lithium ion battery which uses polymer as electrolyte. It is divided into two kinds: "Semi polymer" and "whole polymer"."Semi polymer" means that a layer of polymer (usually PVDF) is applied on the insulating film to make the cell more adhesive, and the battery can be more hard. The electrolyte is still liquid electrolyte. "Whole polymer" batteries still use liquid electrolyte, but the amount is much less, which has greatly improved the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries.

On the other hand, polymer battery refers to the use of plastic packaging film as a lithium ion battery packaging, also known as soft cell. The packaging film consists of three layers, PP layer, Al layer and nylon layer. PP and nylon are polymers, So its called polymer battery.

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