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What’s the Advantage of Lithium Rechargeable Batteries?


  The power to go, which is the promise battery deliver. They give us all the convenience of electricity in a handy, portable form. The only bother is, most batteries run flat very quickly and, unless you use a personlized charger, you then have to throw them away. It's difficult on your pocket and bad for the environment as well: universal, we throw away millions of disposable batteries every year. Rechargeable batteries help to solve this problem and the best nice method a technology called lithium ion. Your cellphone, laptop computer, and bluetooth probably all use lithium-ion batteries. They've been in universal use since about 1991, but the elementary chemistry was first discovered by American chemist Gilbert Lewis (1875–1946) way back in 1912.Now,we are going to discuss the advantage of lithium rechargeable batteries.

  Generally, lithium rechargeable batteries are more responsible than older technologies such as nickel-cadmium and don't suffer from a puzzle known as the "memory effect" (where nicad batteries appear to become harder to charge unless they're discharged fully first). Since lithium rechargeable batteries don't involve cadmium (a toxic, heavy metal), they are also better for the environment—although dumping any batteries (full of metals, plastics, and other assorted chemicals) into landfills is never a good thing. In comparing to heavy-duty rechargeable batteries (such as the lead-acid ones used to start cars), lithium-ion batteries are relatively light for the amount of energy they store.

  If we're interested in the defects of lithium-ion batteries, it's important to keep in mind what we're comparing them with. As a power source for automobiles, we really need to compare them not with other types of lithium batteries but with gasoline. Despite big advances over the years, kilo for kilo, rechargeable batteries still store only a fraction as much energy as ordinary gas; in more scientific words, they have a much lower energy density (they store less energy per unit of weight). That also explains why you can fully "recharge" (refuel) a gas-powered automobile in a couple of minutes, whereas it'll generally take you hours to recharge the batteries in an electric car. Then again, you have to keep in mind that these disadvantages are balanced by other advantages, such as the greater fuel economy of electric cars and their relative lack of air pollution (zero emissions from the vehicle itself).


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