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Lithium battery was detonated explosion caused a fire


The lithium battery which stored at 5F, Building 3, FuTech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., No.325 Wubei Road, Donghe West Lake District, Wuhan City, China caught fire at 20:40 on November 30, 2017, and also burned and ignited the sports shoes , Cardboard boxes and other goods on fire. The accident was identified as a security accident by the police. The responsible person for the accident was detention by the East-West Lake police according to law On December 2.

After the incident, the fire and safety supervision department of the public security investigation found that the site of the fire explosion Wuhan Special Technology Co., Ltd. illegal temporary set in the 5th floor, Building 3, 5th Floor, the window of the lithium battery storage point, the accident was due to rainwater infiltration within the battery and Lithium metal chemical reaction, triggering an explosion and led to the adjacent warehouse items were burned, the Department of production safety accidents.

So for more safety,we should need pay more attention for battery storage ,preventing the battery from wetting of rain and then cause an explosion and a fire.

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