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Lithium-ion batteries VS lithium polymer batteries


Lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries can be distinguished on the packaging of the battery, lithium-ion batteries are usually marked with Li-ion words, lithium polymer batteries are usually marked with Li-Polymer words.At the same time as the lithium polymer batteries electrolyte for the gel, no electrolyte leakage problems, so most of the aluminum-plastic flexible packaging.

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Polymer lithium batteries and liquid lithium-ion battery has the same chemical properties, and even the internal structure is the same, is in the liquid lithium-ion battery developed on the basis of a new type of battery, compared with liquid lithium-ion battery,Polymer lithium-ion battery has the following advantages:

1 Good safety performance, low explosion probability

2 Can be made into various shapes

3 Lighter than the same size steel shell, aluminum shell lithium battery

4 The capacity is generally higher than the same specifications of the steel shell, aluminum shell lithium battery

5 Internal resistance is small, so that the battery capacity can be greater play

6 High temperature performance, at 85 ℃ for 4 hours will not bulge

7 The cycle performance, battery capacity and internal resistance are in good agreement.

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