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Proper use of lithium batteries


Proper charging of lithium batteries


Although lithium batteries have excellent electrochemical performance, any thing that deviates from the equilibrium state will have safety risks.


1. When need charge, then charge.In the early days of the emergence of smart phones, in order to protect their own interests, each mobile phone manufacturer often emphasized the use of original chargers (including charging cables) to charge electric devices. Some manufacturers designed special data cables and did not support other chargers (including charging cables).Later, as smartphones and laptops became more widely used, it became clear that this was a self-imposed problem, so now everyone is basically unified, and a charger/cable can charge appliances of different brands and properties.Charging is convenient, users should pay attention to a problem is to try to keep the battery with the normal use of electricity at all times.Under normal circumstances, when the battery is too low, mobile phones and laptops will be reminded, at this point you need to timely recharge, although the low battery will not lead to a direct safety accident, but overuse, over time will damage the battery structure.


2. It should stop charge when it is full charged.Lithium battery cells are also composed of a number of components, the new battery is good, if it is used for a long time, perhaps the function of which components will decline, so there will be an overcharge safety risk.Typical samsung and apple incidents have been reported in which the owners of appliances put their phones to charge while they slept, causing them to burn and explode

Never do two things at once.The author has experience, while charging while using a mobile phone, especially when playing games is very easy to feel mobile phone fever, the truth is also very simple, mobile phone is equal to playing two jobs at the same time, which makes it have to pay super times the labor force, the body will naturally get hot.


Correct discharge method of lithium battery

Charge in time and prevent overrelease.The average mobile phone user is unaware of the dangers of overexposure because there are usually no reported safety incidents.Moreover, some people even think that regular deep discharge is beneficial for the maintenance of battery performance.In fact, because the memory effect of lithium batteries can be ignored, there is no deep discharge to eliminate the memory effect.In theory, the overall cycle life of lithium batteries will be longer after deep discharge, but the risk is that excessive discharge will lead to low battery voltage, which can not be charged normally, and sometimes it will take a long time to start up, or even turn on the machine.Two evils choose its light, the service life is shorter than can not use better, so advise the majority of mobile phones and laptop users do not often use the black screen.


Lithium ion battery maintenance

The temperature is suitable to prevent heat and cold.When idle, lithium batteries usually do not occur safety accidents, the purpose of daily maintenance is to make lithium batteries in the appropriate environment, thus delaying the aging of the battery.In fact, there is a lithium battery parameter design is the appropriate temperature, relatively speaking, the temperature is not a problem, but if put in a higher temperature, as the saying goes, extreme will be the opposite, will also produce safety problems.We're just talking about a normal environment. If you put a lithium battery in water or near a fire, it's off the subject of maintenance. So, what do you do in a normal environment?Water is moisture-proof and heat is sun-proof.Therefore, lithium battery daily maintenance of the appropriate environment should be four words: ventilation, shade.Whether lithium battery is independent idle or in the use of electrical appliances, should follow these four words.


In the correct way of using the lithium batteries, lithium battery charging method is one of the most important, because not correct charging method will lead to security issues, and the discharge and the influence of daily maintenance is only the service life of lithium batteries, lithium battery itself is also a kind of material, no matter what way we can avoid the loss of it in the end, we just use the right method, delay the aging.

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