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Price Trend for Rechargeable Lithium Battery


The latest survey shows that the first half of the cobalt metal prices hit a five-year high, driven by rechargeable lithium battery prices rose 15% to 25%, while the second half of the peak season with the arrival of power batteries, even if the cobalt metal prices will Stabilized, the third quarter of the battery is still expected to have a 10% gain, and is expected to continue into the fourth quarter.

It is reported that the current common cylindrical ternary material (NMC), the cobalt metal about the cost of about 15% of the cathode material, and polymer batteries among the positive lithium cobalt material (LCO), cobalt metal Accounting for the cost of cathode materials up to 50%, by the cobalt hit a 5-year high price impact in the second quarter of China's polymer battery rose more than 20%.

Some experts estimated that from the aerospace industry to consumer products, cobalt metal market applications to push up demand, especially power lithium battery application needs grow year by year, the annual increase from 30% in 2015 rose to 2016 in 35%, from the most popular in recent years Of China's new energy vehicle demand point of view, 2016 China EV  (electric car) demand to 23GWh, 2017 annual estimate of 40% to 32GWh. Looking ahead to future power applications, Energy Trend estimates that the number of power battery applications, including China and the world, will continue to grow steadily year by year, with annual compound growth rates (CAGR) reaching 15%.

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