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Ship by sea or by air for battery in November 2016?


         Recently, many forwarders notify that due to the DHL just unload 20 cars every day instead of unloading 30 cars per day, which cause the port car unload in a queue. Hong Kong DHL agent needs to row a storehouse for two days at present. Then each channel will have different timeliness effect in November. Before shipping the lithium batteries, please do a good interpretation job with our customers.

The reason is Air freight price rose sharply, so please confirm the air space and freight before shipment. Broke in Hong Kong airport, 2600 flights cancelled from Hong Kong airport to all over the world (including passenger and cargo aircraft) airport till the end of November. Please note that each airline price is increasing and broke in.

Why Hong Kong recently canceled flights so frequently? It’s actually the Hong Kong airport road excessive new atc 25 airlines affected. New Hong Kong international airport air traffic management systems enabled by phases in June this year, are expected to be in service next month, replace the existing systems.

So if any shipment in this month, the more safe ship method is by sea and the sea freight is much cheaper than by air. For urgent order plan, please contact us in advance.

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