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The Best Charging for lithium iron phosphate batteries


The lithium LiFePo4 battery can effectively receive fast charge, the maximum charge voltage is 4.3V, the minimum discharge voltage is 2.5V, the best charge current is about 0.5CA.

This type of battery discharge voltage allows as low as 2.0-2.5V, will not damage the battery.

Generally in conventional environments to maintain the charging voltage ≤ 4.3V,charging voltage ≥ 2.5V, the cycle life of such batteries should be greater than 2000 times. This type of battery can adapt to -30 ℃ to 75 ℃ ambient temperature to charge and discharge .

This type of batteries will not be accidents due to overcharged or over discharged.Unless human-made malicious the battery for destructive testing.Otherwise, this type of battery will not fire due to internal short circuit.

This type of battery is used as the best battery for mobile power sources.

This kind of battery system combination will not be mismatched due to the installation of reliable "BMS" balanced charge and discharge protection system and accidents, such as fire, burning and so on.However, when the system combination of such batteries in the long-term discharge of the use, if there is no balanced charge and discharge protection device, will result in overcharge and discharge of individual single cells, and even single cells may even have a maximum voltage of 5V or 10V,at the same time there will be a single individual cell discharge voltage of 1.5V or 0V.Although this situation does not appear the circuit smoke, fire and other phenomena, but the overcharge and over discharge of individual single cell will be damaged, failure, can not continue to use. Therefore, any type of battery, matching the installation of balanced charge-discharge protection system (BMS) is very necessary.

Matching Mounting BMS is the most effective device to protect each cell against overcharge and overdischarge in a battery system combination.

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