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The advantage and disadvantage of lithium ion battery


Lithium ion battery is widely in our daily life, but do you know its advantages and disadvantages? here we summasize as below:

The lithium ion battery has following advantages:

1.     High voltagesingle battery cell operate voltage as high as 3.6-3.9v, it is three times than Ni-Cd, NI-MH battery

2.     Specific energy big, at present the specific energy is 100-125Wh/kg and 240-300Wh/L (twice than Ni-Cd battery, one and a half times  than NI-MH battery), With the development of technology in the future, specific energy can high to 150Wh/kg and 400 Wh/L

3.     Cycle life long, usually can reach to 500 times, even 1000 times,  For small discharge current appliances, the cycle life will double the competitiveness of electric appliance.

4.    Safety performance is good, pollution-free, no memory effect. As before li-ion battery, Dendrite short circuit formed by the metal lithium is easy, reduced its application field , in the li-ion battery, there has no contain cadmium, lead and mercury those Elements which will lead environmental pollution, some technology(likes sintered) of Ni-Cd battery exist one big disadvantage is call  “memory effect”which is strict constraint the usage of battery, but li-ion battery don’t have such problems.

5.   Quick charge and discharge, with 1C charge, the capacity can reach more than 80% of the nominal capacity

6.    Low self -discharge, full charged under room temperature storage for one month, the li-ion battery self-discharge with around 10%. Which is pretty lower 25-30%  than Ni-Cd battery and 30-35% than NI-MH battery

7.    High working temperature range, the li-ion battery working temperature is -25~45, with the improvement of electrolyte and the anode, it is expected to expand to be  -40~70

 461730 3.7v 200mah lipo battery

Lithium-ion batteries also exist some advantages, please find as below:

1.    Battery cost is higher, it is mainly manifested in the anode material LiCoO2 price is high( the source of co is less). Which is made the electrolyte purification system difficult.

2.  Can not big discharge current, Due to reasons such as organic electrolyte system, battery internal resistance is larger than other kind of battery, so it is request small discharge current density, usually discharge current is under 1C, and it is only suitable for small and middle current  electric appliance.

3.  Need controlled by the PCM, it  need overcharge protection and overdischarge protection.

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