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The advantages and disadvantages of lithium polymer battery


Lithium ion polymer battery is one of lithium ion battery. But compare to liquid li-ion battery, it has high energy density, miniaturization, ultra-thin, lightweight, and also  high security and low cost, and other obvious advantages, is a new type of battery. here we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of lithium polymer batteries.


1.     Safety performance is good

Lithium-ion polymer battery with aluminum composite flexible packaging in the structure, different from liquid metal case of batteries, in the event of a safety hazard, liquid batteries easy explosion, but lithium ion polymer battery most has meteorism.

2.     More thin thickness, and can do more thin

Ultra-thin, batteries could assemble into a credit card. Ordinary liquid lithium battery use custom shell, after the plug is the method of the cathode, thickness of 3.6 mm the following technical bottlenecks, polymer batteries, there is no this problem, the thickness can be below 1 mm, can meet the demand of current mobile direction.

3.     Light-weight

Lithium polymer battery using polymer electrolyte  without metal shell as a protective outer packing. Same specifications of steel shell polymer battery weight is equal capacity lithium electric light 40%, a 20% aluminum battery light.

4.     Big capacity

Lithium Polymer battery is the same size of the steel shell battery, the capacity is 10 to 15% more than high aluminum battery 5 ~ 10%, be the first choice of the color screen mobile phones and MMS, now on the market a new color and MMS phones are mostly used lithium polymer batteries

5.     Small internal impedance

The internal resistance of the polymer batteries is less than liquid batteries, the current domestic internal resistance of the polymer batteries can even do below 35 m Ω, greatly reduced the battery power consumption, extend the standby time of mobile phone, can reach with international level. The support of large discharge current polymer li-ion battery, the ideal choice of remote control model to become the most promising alternative products of nimh batteries.

6.     Shape can be customized

Manufacturers no need to limited to the standard shape, able to make the appropriate economic size. Lithium Polymer battery can increase or decrease the thickness of the batteries according to the customer's demand, the development of new batteries models, price cheap, open mold cycle is short, some even can be tailored according to the mobile phone shape, to make full use of the battery shell space, improve battery capacity

7.     Better discharge characteristic

Li-Polymer battery using gel electrolyte, compared to liquid electrolyte, colloid electrolyte with smooth discharge characteristics and higher discharge platform.

8.     Simple PCM design

Because of using polymer materials, which made batteries no fire, no explosion, batteries itself has enough safety, therefore, polymer battery protection circuit design can consider omitting PTC and fuse, thereby saving the cost of battery

 10100 3.7v 58mah lipo battery302025 3.7v 110mah lipo battery


1.     Compared with lithium ion battery energy density and cycle number are falling

2.     Cost higher

3.     There is no standard shape, most battery manufacturing for high volume consumer market

4.     Compared with lithium ion batteries, price and energy is higher.

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