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The lithium battery industry has resumed


The sudden epidemic (Covid-19) disrupted the normal operating rhythm of various industries, the "butterfly effect" of the epidemic is spreading, and the production and sales of new energy vehicles and lithium battery industry have been impacted in the short term.

According to data, in January 2020, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China are expected to complete 40,000 and 44,000 respectively, a year-on-year decrease of 55.4% and 54.4%. Looking back at the battery industry, in January 2020, China ’s power battery installed capacity was about 2.32GWh, a 53% year-on-year decrease. Most domestic battery companies, such as Ningde Times, BYD, Eternal Lithium Energy, Lishen Battery, AVIC Lithium Battery, Funeng Technology, etc., have experienced a significant decline in power battery installed power.

At the beginning of February, the operating status of the upstream materials market in the lithium battery industry is currently relatively stable, mainly to digest inventory, and the resumption time of cathode materials and separator factories is mostly February 10. In terms of anode materials, the factories of a echelon of enterprises do not stop production and maintain small-scale production; small and medium-sized enterprises often stop work and leave, and the delivery is mainly based on inventory. Delivery is difficult due to transportation restrictions.

So far, most battery companies have resumed work normally, the sales and production have increased or decreased compared with previous years, but they are slowly recovering!

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