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What are the advantages and disadvantages of li-ion batteries and li-polymer batteries


Once I saw the news that an iPhone exploded, actually the lithium battery in the phone exploded. There are many kinds of lithium batteries. For example, lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery have their own advantages and disadvantages, which may be little understood by ordinary users. Some people say lithium polymer batteries are better than lithium ion batteries? Is it true? Here are the pros and cons of each battery in terms of price, performance, and safety.

                lithium ion battery  

Li-ion Battery 750

               lithium polymer batteries

Li-ion Polymer Battery 750

First of all, from the principle of the battery, lithium polymer battery is also a kind of lithium ion battery. The essential difference between the two batteries is that they use different electrolytes. We all know that lithium-ion batteries use a liquid electrolyte, while polymer lithium-ion batteries use a solid polymer electrolyte, which can be solid or semi-solid.

Then, the two types of batteries look different, with cylindrical lithium-ion batteries now the most common and lumpy lithium-polymer ones. Previous lithium-ion batteries were prone to combustion or even explosion because the metals in them were active. However, by adding cobalt, manganese and other metals to the anode materials of lithium batteries, the safety factor of early lithium-ion batteries has been greatly enhanced. So now lithium batteries are relatively safe, you don't have to worry too much about this problem.

Finally, with its higher energy density, superior safety performance and changing shape, soft polymer has become the first choice of electronic and digital products in the mainstream. However, in terms of the current price, 18650 battery with steel shell still has a certain price advantage.

Let's take a look at how a lithium-ion battery discharges. During discharge, the lithium ions are removed from the positive electrode material to the electrolyte and then into the negative electrode material, a process known as de-inlaying, and the reverse is true when charged. Actually whether steel shell lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery or soft package, now the factory's technology has been very mature, brands of battery safety performance is very excellent, if used properly, will not appear the so-called explosion, fire and other accidents, such as to avoid high temperature environment used batteries, battery short circuit and overcharge and piercing, etc. Therefore, both types have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is wise to choose according to your own needs. If the price/performance ratio is preferred, choose 18650 battery pack; if the appearance and volume of the device are preferred, then the li polymer battery is undoubtedly the best choice.

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