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What is a soft pack lithium ion battery?


When it comes to soft pack batteries, what are soft pack lithium-ion batteries first?

In fact, soft pack lithium ion batteries or called pouch lithium ion battery are no stranger to our daily lives. In addition to power lithium ion battery, power lithium battery is the most common battery components in 3C electronic equipment. For example, the internal cell phone is an integrated rechargeable battery that cannot be dismantled without authorization.

Soft pack rechargeable battery:

The difference of the soft-pack battery is mainly determined by the different packaging materials of the lithium battery case. Aluminum-plastic composite film (generally known as aluminum-plastic film) is selected. Other lithium-ion batteries are similar to lithium ion battery materials such as positive, negative, electrolyte and diaphragm. The overall package of the lithium ion battery shell can be divided into: the first generation, steel shell; Second generation, aluminum case; The third generation, soft - coated aluminum-plastic film.

Steel battery and aluminum battery:

The great harm of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries is that the material of lithium-ion batteries is likely to be unstable and other unexpected comprehensive elements occur, which will cause thermal control and lead to invisible vapor deposition in the rechargeable batteries. Steel or aluminum shell, there is a fixed space, limit the steam splash, so that the rechargeable battery explosion accident. In this way, there is a battery pack package, should be born. Soft package encapsulates the battery, commonly used aluminum plastic film is too soft, tangible degeneration. If there is a safety risk, at most the gas drum will burst.

Advantages of soft-pack lithium ion battery:

Except soft pack lithium ion battery, relative safety. Compared with the steel case, the lithium-ion battery can also save net weight, volume and reduce internal resistance. In that case, it would be beneficial to improve the relative density quality or volume density of lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the soft-pack battery also has the characteristics of low circulatory system consumption and various packaging design methods. It is according to this advantage of lithium battery soft pack. Greatly attracted the view of the world notes, industrialization

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