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What is the battery capacity dummy mark? How to identify dummy battery?

What is the battery capacity dummy mark?
The battery capacity is an important indicator of the amount of electric energy stored in the battery. The larger the battery capacity is, the longer the working time of the battery load is, and it is an important indicator of the performance of the battery. The capacity marked on the battery label is much larger than the result obtained by passing the above national standard test. In short, the actual capacity of the battery is far less than the capacity value marked on the battery. Such a scalar is called the virtual standard.

For consumers, the fake label is purely deceptive and irresponsible. The virtual label battery is generally produced by unknown lithium ion battery manufacturers. It has no legal supervision effect, and the quality and after-sales service of the battery cannot be guaranteed. False label is only a means for illegal merchants to make excessive profits. Its existence not only affects the benign development of mobile phone battery market and the establishment of domestic brands, but also causes serious damage to the interests of consumers.

Fake standard battery capacity seems to start from the shanzhai cell phone battery, it is reported that the early popularity of shanzhai cell phone ringtone big, battery capacity at a glance are mostly more than 3500mAh, at that time the capacity of the square aluminum shell battery is difficult to do 3500mAh.
Fake standard battery capacity began spreading at this moment, such as mobile phone sd card standard capacity, cell phone memory capacity of fake, u disk capacity of fake, mobile power supply capacity of fake, etc., in fact, the most easy to see how should belong to the mobile power charging treasure fake, some around the train station has a lot of street type of selling rechargeable batteries treasure, but most of these charge treasure capacity is 10000 mah, which sells for about 30RMB.

How to identify dummy battery?
1. Specific capacity with the original battery to prevent false label: two batteries with different capacity actually have the same battery cell but different baffles.

2. Weight compared with the original battery: Hold the battery in your hand and compare the thickness and weight of the battery with the original battery. Some batteries have similar capacity labels as the original battery, but they are obviously thinner and lighter than the original battery.

3. Ask the brand of the cell: the brand of the cell has the greatest relationship with the quality of the battery. Only a good cell can guarantee the quality and capacity of the battery. Well-known brand batteries are generally used professional, well-known brand cell (except the original cell).

4, careful with the original label battery: if the business to recommend you a label similar to the original battery similar to the battery, you can be sure that the battery is the garbage of garbage. Consumers should be careful never to buy or use such batteries. It would be impossible for the average brand battery to design such a sticker.

5. Whether the promise is never false: it depends on whether the product package indicates that the promise is never false. Only material packaging, no commitment.
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