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What is the reason for the capacity attenuation of lithium-ion battery packs?

What is the reason for the capacity attenuation of lithium-ion battery packs? When lithium ion battery pack is used, it is inevitable to encounter the situation of attenuation, we do not have much experience in dealing with this situation, we sometimes feel unprepared, we will introduce the reasons for the power decline of lithium ion battery for you in this article.

Lithium-ion batteries are limited in their use at low temperatures, where they cannot be charged, in addition to severely declining discharge capacity. During low temperature charging, the lithium ion embedding and lithium plating reactions on the graphite electrode of the battery exist simultaneously and compete with each other.

At low temperature, the diffusion of lithium ions in graphite is inhibited, and the conductivity of electrolyte decreases, which leads to the decrease of the embedding rate. On the graphite surface, lithium plating reaction is more likely to occur. The main reasons for the decline of the life of lithium ion battery at low temperature include the increase of internal impedance and the capacity attenuation caused by the precipitation of lithium ion.

Lithium ion batteries is important through internal electrode oxidation reaction, the chemical energy into electricity, internal structure by the positive pole of the battery and lithium ion battery anode materials and electrolyte composition, when the battery charge and discharge of the repeatedly, battery inside the opportunity to make a battery electrode ontology material will be crystal, cause the battery internal conduction performance degradation, which is the activity of lithium ion fell, which will lead to its new resistance value, finally affects the battery capacity attenuation, in fact, from the perspective of a real environment, affect the battery is on the decline, charge and discharge voltage, Even including the charge and discharge power of the battery and the temperature of the environment.

At present, the use of the new energy car battery are Ternary lithium-ion battery, what about the ternary lithium ion battery to foot the biggest point is afraid of the environment of high temperature, which affect its use life, of course, this will also affect the energy density, is the power of electric power, above a battery recession is important because the vehicles in use process, in order to meet different driving conditions and using different charging and discharging rate, the greater the charge and discharge rate, the faster battery capacity attenuation, actually important is also due to changes in the structure and properties of materials, It makes the diffusion of ions within it relatively difficult.
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