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Which is better, lead-acid battery or Lithium iron phosphate battery?


1. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are light in weight and higher in energy, but high in safety and cost performance;The same lead-acid battery weight, large volume, smaller than energy, but good security, cost-effective, so in this case you are willing to choose lead-acid battery or lithium iron phosphate battery?

 2.Lithium iron phosphate battery belongs to rechargeable battery, while lead-acid battery belongs to alkaline battery.The cycle life of lithium iron phosphate battery is more than 2500 times, and that of lead-acid battery is about 800 times.Lithium iron phosphate battery 150W·h/kg, lead-acid battery specific energy around 40W·h/kg;Lithium iron phosphate batteries can be charged within 4h, while lead-acid batteries can be charged within 6h.

3. LiFePO4 battery charging and discharging power efficiency is more outstanding, lithium ion battery charging and discharging power conversion efficiency can be greater than 97%, while lead-acid battery charge and discharge electricity energy conversion efficiency is about 80%, the same Lithium iron phosphate batteries are smaller than lead-acid batteries, which are about two-thirds the size of lead-acid batteries

4. Lithium iron phosphate battery belongs to power environmental protection, while lead-acid batteries belong to blame environmental protection battery, there is a large amount of lead in lead-acid battery, after waste if not handled properly, it will produce pollution to the environment, under the same voltage and capacity, lithium iron phosphate batteries and range of lead-acid batteries, but lithium iron phosphate battery the price will be more expensive than lead-acid battery prices more than doubled, to a 24 v / 10 ah really phosphoric acid lithium iron phosphate the price about 1200RMB, and the price of 24 v / 10 ah lead-acid battery of about 300 RMB

National policy: lead-acid battery for production or discarded batteries the damage to the environment is quite serious, so from national policy guidance, have in limiting the expand the reinvestment of lead-acid battery, or in some areas limit the use of lead-acid battery, will become the trend of lithium battery to replace the lead-acid batteries in the future, progress will also gradually speed up, there will be lots of lead-acid battery was replaced lithium batteries, and so the lead-acid battery is slowly withdrew from the stage of lithium batteries

That is the difference between lithium iron phosphate batteries and lead-acid battery, you can look at these, you will know why many people began to abandon lead-acid batteries, most of them in the lithium battery market development must be for a reason, so if you still use lead-acid batteries now, must find opportunities to use lithium battery, you can feel the new experience of lithium iron phosphate battery, check our website, you can learn more relevant phosphate lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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