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Why cell phone battery explosion? How to avoid?


The main reason for the battery explosion:


1, The battery protection circuit is defective or unprotected: This happens in removable cell phone, many users like to buy relatively inexpensive non-original battery, and these batteries in order to squeeze the maximum profits, usually cut corners, the battery itself, the protection circuit prone to problems, there batteries Expansion of the situation. For lithium-ion batteries, batteries expanded to a certain extent, the battery will explode.


2, Charger performance is poor: Because the charger battery problems caused by the situation should be the most common, in many cases, the user may not be very concerned about the choice of mobile phone charger, often with a portable charger to charge. These chargers may be street selling cheap chargers, there is no perfect protection circuit system, it may be home flat product charger, the charging current is likely to be relatively large, occasional charging problem is not, but if the long time Use, it is likely the case of battery expansion.

In particular, some users like to play while charging, so that the phone for a long time in a high temperature environment, continuous charging under high temperature will lead to side effects of electrolyte, a long time to do so will seriously affect the battery life and expansion problems It is very easy to appear.


3, Phone is not used for a long time: If the phone is not used for a long time, the battery will be the expansion of the problem, this is because the long-term storage battery, the voltage will drop below 2V, the internal chemical reactions, leading to lithium battery gas drum, which is a lot of friends in the dismantling of the old phone When the general will find the reasons for mobile phone battery drum package. So if you want to long-term storage battery, the most tricky way is to periodically charge it to half-charge state.


How to avoid the problem:


1,Usually, we use the lithium-ion battery and lithium-ion polymer lithium-ion battery two, the former no electrolyte, the problem is the first expansion, breaking the shell will fire, not a sudden explosion, a certain early warning, relatively safe. We can choose the case, try to buy this battery.


2, For the user, the daily charge is best to use mobile phone direct charging (even if the battery removable), and the use of original charger for charging. Try to avoid using a third party charger, or universal charge (for removable batteries).


3, If the phone suddenly a serious heat and heat the case of the battery, please immediately away from the phone body to avoid physical harm.

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