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Why lithium battery life shortening ?


In our life, lithium batteries are prevalent in digital electronic products.Naturally, the price of lithium batteries are not cheap. In the using process, we often find that the battery life is far less than the theoretical life claim. The reason is divergent,and there are same information about it as following:


Lithium battery internal factors


1.Lithium-ion battery side effects.


2. Lithium ion battery active material irreversible consumption.


3. The large lithium-ion battery, the battery operating current is large , cooling is slow, easy to damage the battery structure.


4.If the lithium battery additional safety protection measures, need to be provided by the lithium battery to maintain the power.


The impact of work factors


1.Lithium battery working environment, such as the impact of a direct impact on the length of life: lithium battery charging temperature of 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, lithium battery discharge temperature of -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.


2. In the lithium battery charge and discharge process, shouldnt over charge ,over discharge and so on.


3. In the lithium battery work should not appear incorrect operation: short circuit.


4. The use of regular matching lithium battery charger to charge the battery.


5.For the just-filled lithium battery need to hold for half a minute,  and then use, otherwise it will affect the battery performance.


Non-working factors


1.When the lithium battery matching digital products do not work, it should be said lithium battery equipment from the equipment to remove.


2. For long-term storage of lithium batteries, lithium batteries need to charge to 97% ~ 98% saturation, during storage should be 3 to 6 months on a lithium battery charge and discharge.


3. Lithium battery storage temperature should be controlled at 10 ° ~ 25 ° .


4. Dont knock, needle, trample, refit, or put the battery under the sun. Don't put the batteries under microwave, high pressure or other conditions.


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