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Car lithium battery is becoming a global research and development hot spots

It is predicted that by 2014, the scale of automotive lithium battery market will surge to 24.8 billion US dollars, up 215 times over 2008. Faced with such a huge business opportunities, investment to seize the initiative to become the major business consensus: vehicle companies have extended the industrial chain to the power battery, power battery manufacturers are reverse and vehicle manufacturers strategic cooperation, and the new companies involved in Lithium battery gluttonous feast to seek joint venture to share a cup of soup.
    Lithium battery is becoming a global R & D hotspot four years after the surge will be 215 times the current hybrid cars are mainly used nickel-metal hydride battery technology, but some of the technical properties of nickel-metal hydride batteries such as energy density, charge and discharge speed has been close to the theoretical limit. The lithium battery with high energy density, large capacity, no memory, etc., by the car manufacturers and battery manufacturers unanimously approved, the current focus is R & D lithium-ion battery. According to the different cathode materials, lithium batteries are mainly lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate four. Which is the most ideal lithium iron phosphate lithium battery cathode material. At present, China's car prices introduced pure electric vehicles, power batteries are lithium batteries, Chery, BYD are used in lithium iron phosphate.

Four commonly used lithium battery advantages and disadvantages of a glance.


                        Dvantages and  disadvantages         Evaluation
  Lithium       iron phosphate

Because high discharge power,low cost (about 18 to 300.000 yuan/ton)can be quickly charged and long cycle life (1000 times),high temperature and high thermal environment,high stability(300 degrees above the high temperature security risks),with good safety performance.

  Ternary     material The termary material has good advantages of both cobalt and manganese ninkel,which makes up their own deficiencies,have high specific capacity.low cost,stable cycle performance and good safety performance. Better
Lithium manganese oxide Safety is much better than lithium cobaltate,but the cycle life of high temperature environment is worse (500 times). Poor

Lithium cobalt oxide

The biggest problem is poor safety  (150 degrees temperature when easy to explode),high cost,short cycle life. The worse

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