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CCC Certification Standard For Lithium Batteries

CCC Certification Standard For Lithium Batteries

 CCC certification refers to the mandatory product certification system in China, which is a product certification system enforced by the Chinese government. Not only lithium batteries, but all electronic products sold in the Chinese market need to undergo CCC certification. The main purpose of CCC certification is to ensure consumer safety and ensure that products comply with Chinese safety standards and technical specifications to prevent potential hazards caused by low quality and lack of safety.

The specific standards for CCC certification of lithium batteries include the following aspects:

1.Marking and warning: Lithium batteries must indicate their capacity, voltage, battery type, etc., and label warning information on the outer packaging.

2.Temperature control: Lithium batteries need to work within a certain temperature range, otherwise safety accidents may occur. Therefore, CCC certification requires lithium batteries to have temperature control functions.

3.Charging and discharging protection: Lithium batteries need protection during charging and discharging to prevent overcharging or over discharging, which can lead to battery damage and safety accidents.

4.Short circuit protection: Lithium batteries need to have short circuit protection function. Once a short circuit occurs, the lithium battery will automatically cut off the output circuit to avoid overheating and safety accidents.

5.Overcharging protection: Lithium batteries need to have overcharging protection function. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger will automatically stop charging to prevent overcharging and potential safety hazards.

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