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Can The Bulging Polymer Lithium Battery Still Be Used?


Can The Bulging Polymer Lithium Battery Still Be Used?

The rear bulge of lithium polymer will affect the use of it to fit into a mobile phone or digital camera. The presence of additional gas will affect the charge and discharge capacity of the battery between the panels. There are strict requirements for  lithium-ion battery chargers and cannot be installed arbitrarily. If the charger is carelessly connected to the power supply, be sure to use only a lithium-ion battery charger. If the charger does not meet the requirements, the battery pack will be damaged, and an accident or even explosion may occur.

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So we remind ourselves that bulging lithium-ion batteries are already a sign of big problems and are not recommended for use anymore. If you continue to use it, it may cause a short circuit, heat, smoke, combustion and other unimaginable consequences. The correct way to use lithium-ion batteries is that in most cases, they only use up about half of the power before starting to replenish the power. In rare cases, they only need to be analyzed once with complete discharge and completely different charging techniques, which can greatly renew the battery. Increasing and reducing the amount of culture crystallization can significantly slow down the bulging phenomenon of polymer lithium-ion batteries.

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As long as lithium-ion batteries are used, there is a risk of explosion, but the probability of this risk is very small. But once it explodes, larger lithium-ion batteries have the ability to explode with greater force. With long gas appearing inside the lithium polymer battery, it expands. In order to prevent lithium-ion batteries from overheating or exploding, modern lithium-ion batteries have many built-in self-protection mechanisms. It is still not recommended for user safety.

Once you find a bulging polymer lithium-ion battery, you must stop using it. Lithium-ion batteries are overcharged when they are swollen and charged. The internal chemical properties of the battery change and gases appear. Generally, polymer soft-pack batteries will bulge when overcharged. If they are steel-shell batteries, they will explode. Be careful when using it. It is best not to use cheap chargers. Cheap chargers have a great impact on battery life. It is best not to use a bulging battery as it is very dangerous and it is recommended to replace it.

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