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Comparison Of Characteristics Of Sodium Salt Battery And Lithium Ion Battery

Comparison Of Characteristics Of Sodium Salt Battery And Lithium Ion Battery

Sodium-ion Battery is a secondary battery that uses Sodium ions as the battery's energy storage medium. The principle is that electricity is generated by the insertion and withdrawal of sodium ions during charging and discharging.

Compared with lithium-ion batteries, sodium salt batteries have the following characteristics:

Low energy density: Compared with lithium-ion batteries of the same volume, sodium salt batteries have a low energy density.

Slow charging speed: sodium ions are larger than lithium ions, so the movement speed during charging and discharging is slower, and the charging time is correspondingly extended.

Wide operating temperature range: The requirements for the temperature range of sodium salt batteries are not as strict as lithium-ion batteries, but the performance may still degrade.

Low generalization: Compared with lithium batteries, the manufacturing and industrial application of sodium salt batteries are still relatively low, and practical applications need to be strengthened.
High cycle life: sodium salt batteries have longer cycle life, short charging time and good stability.

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Sodium salt batteries have a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

Energy storage system: sodium salt batteries can be used in energy storage systems, with lower cost and higher energy density, suitable for larger capacity energy storage needs.

Electric vehicles: Sodium-salt batteries can be used in electric vehicles, with higher stability and lower cost, and may become an alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

Photovoltaic energy storage: Sodium salt batteries can be used in conjunction with solar panels to use electricity stored during the day at night.

Mobile devices: Due to their high cycle life and stability, sodium-salt batteries can also be applied to mobile devices, such as mobile phones and laptops.

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