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Depth of discharge (DoD)

Depth of discharge (DoD)

Depth of discharge (DoD) is the percentage that represents the amount of discharge compared to the rated capacity of a battery.

Deep discharge refers to both deep discharge and deep charge. For example, the battery capacity is discharged from 0% to 100%. If you discharge from 100% to 20%, your depth of discharge is 80%. Then, if you charge from 20% to 100% and use it again, your depth of charge is also 80%.

he battery, the maximum actual capacity will gradually shrink, and this part of the reduced capacity is the loss of the battery. For example, the theoretical capacity of my laptop battery is 4400mAh, after a period of time, the actual maximum capacity now becomes 4200mAh, then the battery loss is (4400-4200)/4400×100%=4.5%. After the battery is used, it is normal to have battery loss. The amount of battery loss is directly related to the frequency of your battery use. In the case of connecting an external power supply, the battery will be charged first, and will automatically be in a non-working state after being fully charged. Therefore, when the external power supply is used conditionally, try to use the external power supply, which can reduce the loss of the battery.

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