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Four Charging Methods For Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries


(1)Constant voltage charging method
During the charging process, the output voltage of the charging power supply remains constant. As the charging state of the lithium iron phosphate battery changes, the charging current can be automatically adjusted. If the specified constant voltage value is appropriate, full charging of the power lithium battery can be ensured and the loss of gas and water can be minimized. This charging method only considers changes in battery voltage and is a single state. Its initial charging current is too high, often causing damage to the power battery. Given this shortcoming, constant voltage charging is rarely used.

(2)Constant current charging method
During the entire charging process, the charging current is kept constant by adjusting the output voltage. When the charging current is constant, the charging rate is relatively low. The constant current charging control method is simple, but as the charging process proceeds, the acceptable current capacity of the lithium-ion battery gradually decreases. In the later stage of charging, the power reception capability of the power lithium battery decreases, and the utilization rate of the charging current is greatly reduced. This method has the advantages of simple operation, convenience, easy implementation, and convenient calculation of charging power.

(3)Constant current and constant voltage charging method
This charging method is a simple combination of the two charging methods mentioned above. The first stage uses constant current charging to prevent excessive charging current at the beginning of constant voltage charging. The second stage uses constant voltage charging to prevent overcharging caused by constant current charging. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are the same as any other sealed rechargeable batteries. Charging must be controlled and cannot be overcharged, otherwise the battery will be easily damaged. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are generally charged at constant current and then at limited voltage.

(4) Chopper charging method: adopt chopper charging method.
In this method, the constant current source current is controlled by the switch tube, allowing it to reopen after a period of time, period. The advantage of this method is that when the battery passes through the external circuit, the ions inside the battery need a certain response time. , if charging continues, the potential capacity may be reduced. However, after charging for a period of time, the additional shutdown time can cause the ions appearing at the two poles of the battery to diffuse, giving the battery a digestion time, which will greatly improve the battery utilization rate and improve the charging effect.

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