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How long do polymer lithium-ion batteries last


Polymer battery is the third generation of lithium-ion battery developed on the basis of the original steel shell and aluminum shell battery, with its lighter, thinner, higher energy density characteristics, favored by domestic and foreign communication terminal manufacturers and design companies. The most fundamental difference between polymer lithium-ion batteries and liquid lithium-ion batteries is that the electrolytes used in the two are different. So how long do polymer lithium-ion batteries last? 

How long do polymer lithium-ion batteries last?

Lithium ion batteries are divided into polymer lithium ion batteries and liquid lithium ion batteries. Polymer lithium-ion batteries and liquid lithium-ion batteries have the same positive and negative electrode materials, the working principle of the battery is similar, and the electrolytes are different. Polymer lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, have strong energy storage capacity, good discharge performance and can cause various shapes, and have a long life.

Under the international unified standard, the life of the battery is not expressed by time, but by the number of cycles, that is, the complete discharge of the battery is calculated once, the general lithium-ion battery is between 500 and 800 times, and the A product polymer battery can reach 800 times. So choose a good battery supplier battery quality will be guaranteed, the service life will be longer.

Polymer battery life is closely related to its performance. Polymer lithium-ion batteries are also called polymer batteries, from the appearance point of view, polymer batteries are aluminum plastic shell packaging, which is different from the metal shell of liquid lithium-ion batteries. The reason why aluminum plastic shells can be used is that polymer batteries use some colloidal substances to help the battery plate fit or absorb electrolytes, which greatly reduces the amount of liquid electrolyte used.

The structural improvement makes the polymer battery have the advantages of high energy density, miniaturization and ultra-thin. Compared to liquid lithium-ion batteries, polymer batteries have a longer life, with a minimum of 500 cycles. In addition, if the polymer lithium-ion battery is not charged for a long time, the life will also decline. Polymer lithium-ion batteries will reach their ideal service life only when the electrons keep flowing for a long time.
Lithium polymer battery life has the difference between theory and use, but the structural characteristics determine the polymer battery life than the traditional battery has great advantages, for the practical factors affecting the polymer battery life, you can start from shallow charging shallow discharge, reasonable voltage, suitable storage temperature to extend the life of polymer lithium-ion battery.

At present, the market price of polymer lithium-ion batteries is higher than that of liquid lithium-ion batteries, related to liquid lithium-ion batteries, its long life and good safety performance, I believe there will be a lot of room for rise in the near future.

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