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Lithium Battery Requirements For Battery Management Systems

Lithium Battery Requirements For Battery Management Systems

Low temperature will affect the life of lithium batteries. The activity of the electrode material of the lithium-ion battery decreases at low temperatures, the resistance increases, the electrochemical reaction rate decreases, the capacity of the battery will be reduced, and the charge and discharge efficiency will also decrease, thus affecting the life of the lithium battery.

For the battery management system, lithium batteries have the following requirements:

1.Battery pressure control: Once the battery voltage exceeds its rated voltage range, it will lead to problems such as overcharge, heating, failure or safety accidents.

2.Current control: The charging current and discharge current of the battery need to be strictly controlled within the safe range to ensure the normal use and maximum life of the battery.

3.Battery temperature control: The battery will have different performance and life performance at different temperatures. Therefore, the battery needs to be temperature managed to maintain a suitable operating temperature range.

4.Battery status monitoring: The battery management system needs to be able to monitor the status and information of the battery in real time in order to detect and solve problems in a timely manner and provide support for relevant decisions.

5.Battery safety control: The battery management system needs to take protective measures and safety control to prevent the occurrence of overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, and overtemperature of the battery to ensure the personal safety of users.

In short, the battery management system has an important guarantee role for the long-term stability and safety of lithium batteries, and battery management strategies and technologies should be reasonably developed according to different types and conditions of use of lithium batteries.

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