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Lithium Battery Lead Welding Technology

Lithium Battery Lead Welding Technology

A suitable welding method can make the lead wire and the electrode sheet tightly bonded, thereby ensuring the stability of the lithium battery performance and the extension of the service life.

The specific operation process is as follows:

A. Prepare the wire: select the appropriate lead wire and prepare the two lead wires required for laser welding.

B. Prepare electrode sheets: According to production requirements, make electrode sheets into required shapes and sizes.

C. Positioning: Accurately position on the electrode sheet, and then use the laser welding head to weld.

2. Precautions

A. It is necessary to maintain a certain welding speed during laser welding to avoid excessive heating and deformation.

B. During the selection and preparation of lead wires, factors such as the use environment and application requirements of lithium batteries need to be considered to determine the appropriate material and diameter.

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