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Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery

Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery

According to the different electrolyte materials used in Lithium Ion batteries, lithium ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion batteries (Liquified lithium-ion Battery, lithium Ion Battery, lithium ion battery). Referred to as LIB) and Polymer lithium-ion Batteries (PLB) or Plastic Lithium Ion Batteries (PLB). The positive and negative electrode materials used in polymer lithium-ion batteries are the same as liquid lithium ions, and the positive electrode materials are divided into lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate materials, and the negative is extremely graphite, and the working principle of the battery is basically the same. Their main difference is the difference in electrolytes, liquid lithium-ion batteries use liquid electrolytes, polymer lithium-ion batteries are replaced by solid polymer electrolytes, this polymer can be "dry" or "colloidal". Polymer lithium-ion battery has the characteristics of good safety performance, light weight, large capacity and small internal resistance.

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