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What Should We Pay Attention To When Balancing Lithium-Ion Batteries?

What Should We Pay Attention To When Balancing Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Lithium-ion battery equalization takes a long time during discharge. Since the discharge speed is related to the resistance of the load resistor, balancing during system operation is inefficient. If equalization is performed during discharge and the equalization time is expected to be short, an external power transistor with a small on-resistance must be connected. This type of transistor is very common, such as MOSFET or FET.

If you want to equalize quickly during discharge, you have to connect a low-value resistor in series with the power transistor to reduce the power consumption of the power transistor. Without this current-limiting resistor, the transistor would quickly drain the lithium-ion battery's power.

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Measuring lithium-ion battery voltage during charging is inaccurate and can cause premature lithium-ion cell equalization. Therefore, charging must be stopped periodically in order to measure the battery voltage. Balancing during charge also requires an external power transistor with low on-resistance to achieve cell balancing, which will have the same limitations as current balancing during discharge.

Balance management process design is very important in any lithium-ion battery system. At present, balance management, whether it is an electric forklift lithium-ion battery system or a new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery system, is inseparable from balance management. Balance management within the battery package Among them, whether it is a traditional lead-acid battery or the currently popular lithium-ion battery, the performance is not about the performance of a single battery cell, but depends more on the balanced management performance of the overall lithium-ion battery pack.

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