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Will the swelling battery explode?

Will the swelling battery explode? 

Battery bulge, generally will not explode (burn). The battery bulge is mainly because the chemical elements inside the cell react with each other to produce gas, and because of the tightness of the cell, these gases cannot be released to the external environment, so that the battery appears swollen. Under normal circumstances, there is no external extrusion or metal piercing battery, its properties will not change, so there is no risk of explosion. But don't continue to use it to avoid dangerous situations, the battery life of the phone is about five years, if it is in a wet place, the phone will last about four years. If a battery bulge is found, replace the battery as soon as possible to avoid personal or property damage. 

The cause of the explosion of the bulge battery: 

1. The battery is hot. For example, if the battery is continuously heated on an electric oven with a maximum temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, a violent explosion will occur. 

2. The battery is hit hard. Ordinary impact will not easily expand the battery, but under extreme conditions, such as a 20 kg hammer falling from a height of 1 meter, impact the battery, will cause the battery to rapidly expand and explode. This is also the reason for aircraft and other restrictions on lithium batteries and large-capacity lithium batteries. 

3. Overcharge. Continuous charging of mobile phone batteries with high voltage and strong current may cause leakage, expansion and explosion.

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